About Seven Projects

Sam Lawry

I’m Sam Lawry.

Seven Projects is a business I have run since 2007. I trained as a lawyer, and practised in community law (criminal, family, child protection, disability and equal opportunity) for seven years, and am now a manager in a family dispute resolution service – I am passionate about equal access to justice and the right of people to understand the laws that affect them and their options.

While working as a lawyer, I took specialist training in professional writing and editing, and moved into community legal education (CLE). This allowed me to continue to translate technical legal concepts into clear, easy-to-understand language, in a range of print and online formats. As our clients were the most vulnerable in the community, it was critical we delivered information and education when needed, in a way that could be easily understood. It also relied on good relationships with other agencies, and effective communication strategies, to promote our resources.

One of my strengths as a lawyer was my ability to explain the law to my clients, enabling them to make informed choices.

Since then I have co-founded an online legal training business, worked as a web content manager, worked as an editor and writer for a prominent medical association, and managed the guidance and education team at the national charities commission.

I have also been raising a family, while taking on a range of freelance clients. I have done university, government and council work, supporting individual writers as well as small not-for-profit agencies, managing multiple projects. Hence the business name – there are at least seven projects going on.